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BAOC-5000A Rectify Copper Coating Machine

BAOC-5000A rectify copper coating machine is mainly applicable for making copper coating steel wire, copper coating aluminum wire and copper coating copper wire. Due to the usage of non-cyanide galvanization, the newly copper galvanization equipment (copper wire plating machine) avoids the disadvantage of cyanide galvanization.

1. Copper coating machine adopts top and bottom water tank design so as to save floor space. 2. The rollers and racks are made of high quality and acid-resisting stainless steel.
3. The main plating motor adopts inverter control.
4. In addition, copper coating machine takes torque motor control for its take-up, making stable and constant tension force.
5. Copper wire plating machine features high performance and long performing life.


Inlet Wire Diameter Ø 1.0 mm-Ø 2.0 mm
In-Wire Speed of the Main Engine 50-120 m/min
Main Motor Power Inverter Control 3 Kw
Take-up Motor Torque Motor Control YLJ112-12 0-380 V
Traverse Method Polished Rod Wiring
Transmission Mode Triangular Belt, Chain
High-Frequency Switching Power Supply 5000 A
Dimension of Spool 630 mm (can be customized)
Big Roller Diameter and Coiling Laps Ø 600 mm 80 Laps
Preplating and Electrolytic Roller Diameter and Coiling Laps Ø 400 200 Laps
Number of Thread Single-Head, Multi-Head

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a specialized provider of various electrical machines and equipments in China, such as copper coating machine (copper wire plating machine, stranding machine and wire drawing machine, etc.). The plating machine we provide have been refined and improved in its technical characteristics and performances. All of the using materials are of high quality and conform to the high technical standards for all mechanical and electronic components. And this leads to the high performance production, safe and durable products. Our copper coating machines have always been synonym to reliability, easy use and maintenance, and most of all, to strict compliance with safety rules and standards.

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