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Coiling Machine

Coiling machine, also known as coiler machine, is composed of tension control pay-off, meter device and coiler. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and less easy broken spare parts, etc. The shape of the coiling machine can be tower-type or column-type, and the finished products can be arranged tightly and tidily. This coiler machine adopts stepless speed regulator to adjust the tension and the distance according to the diameter of twisting twine or rope.

1. Coiling machine employs electric lifting loading and unloading pay-off spool. It carries out active paying-off and self braking without disordering wires and cables.  
2. Storage wire two-way regulation device is utilized so as to control pay-off speed.
3. Special device for automatic winding displacement makes quick coiling.
4. The coiled wires and cables can be fast bundled and taken down, leading to high efficiency and less time. 
5. Coiling, bundling and packaging can be achieved only by one person.
6. The winding displacement is neat and good looking.

Coiling machine is applicable for coiling and bundling various wires and cables. Coiler machine is suitable for coiling ropes from big rope coil into small coils with diameter range from 4mm-20mm as well. Besides, it is widely used for packaging of split film yarn and rope, etc.

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is devoted to designing, developing, researching, manufacturing and selling coiling machines (coiler machine for wires and cables), high speed twist bunching machines other electric machines. With advanced technology and abundant human resources, Baochuan provides high quality wire bundling machines, stranding machines, coiling machines and more for clients. Our coiler machine is known for its high efficiency and quality and reasonable price.

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