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Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine

Inverted vertical drawing machine is developed for the non-slip drawing of medium and low carbon steel wire, special shaped steel wire and nonferrous metals with thick and medium diameters. This inverted-type wire drawing machinery is applicable for continuous production process of coil with heavy charging box. The maximum inlet wire diameter can be 30 mm and the diameter of the winding drum ranges from 600 to 1400 mm.

Inverted vertical drawing machine can be used for drawing high, medium and low carbon steel wires, deformed steel wires, stainless steel wires and other metal wires with rough specifications. It is most especially suitable for the drawing of steel wires in standard parts and shelf manufacturing industry.

1. Inverted vertical drawing machine is designed for continuous and non-reversing drawing. It has the functions of wire drawing and taking-up.
2. Inverted-type wire drawing machinery adopts inverted drawing and taking-u. The take-up reel is large. Besides, it is convenient and reliable to discharge wires.
3. Easy operation and reliable control enables safe production and convenient maintenance.
4. Application of 3-phase AC variable-frequency speed adjustment realizes smooth stepless speed    regulation

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is specilaized in designing, developing, researching, manufacturing and selling inverted vertical drawing machine in China. Baochuan Co., Ltd. promises to provide first grade inverted-type wire drawing machinery and diligent service for clients. The machines we provide are known for their sturdy construction, high efficiency, optimum quality and cost effectiveness. With high quality and good performance, the inverted vertical drawing machines have been exported to Egypt, India, North America, South America, Russia and many other foreign countries.

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