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  • Large Cable Extrusion LineLarge wire cable extruder machines are applicable for extruding wire or cable with insulation of foam-skin, skin-foam. This wire and cable extrusion production line...


Extruder machine, also known as extruding machine, is a kind of wire and cable equipment. It is mainly applicable for extruding the core wires of power lines, cables, coaxial lines, communication cables, transmission cables, BV civil lines, and covered wires. In addition, this extruder machine is suitable for PVC, PE, PP, SR-PVC wire and cable monochrome, double color, double extrusion operations. This extruding machine is widely used for extruding operations of electronic wires, automobile wire harness, BVV building lines, computer cables and insulated wires.
The extruder machine is mainly composed of pay-off rack, main tension set, main engine, cooling water baths, main control computer, dragger, electric discharge machines and take-up machine, etc. Besides, this extruding machine can also be equipped with inkwriter, gauging arrangement, PLC control, double caterpillar drawing machine and shaftless discharge machines of different specifications.

1. We have professional workers and technicians with rich experience on wires and cables machine. We provide all-round service for the broad masses of old and new customers with all our heart.
2. With advanced technology and superior imported parts and components, our extruder machines rank first in this industry.
3. Our extruding machines conform to the principle “the same quality with lowest price and the same price with the best quality”. Customers can get extruder machines of high quality at a reasonable price.

According to different specifications and requirements of extruded wires and cables, extruder machine can be divided into power cable extruder production line, physical foaming cable extruding production line, extruder machines for civil lines, extruding machines for nylon set, low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) cable production line, chemical foaming cable extruder, silica gel cable extruding production line and digital communication cable extruder production line, etc.

When purchasing extruding machines, customers should pay attention to the following aspects: manufacturer, business license, word-of-mouth and after-sale-service. Besides, glories of company and patents should be considered as well. The glories and patents can reflect the company strength on research and development, especially for machinery companies. The price should also be taken into consideration. If clients plan to buy certain machine or equipment, price and quality is the most important standard, so don’t purchase a machine because it is cheap without considering its quality. In addition, the instructions and maintenance of extruder machines should come into clients’ notice.

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a specialized and professional manufacturer of various electrical machines and equipments in China, such as stranding machines, extruder machines (extruding machinery for wires and cables), as well as annealing and wire drawing machines, etc. With advanced technology and superior imported parts and components, our extruder machines are of high quality and rank first in this industry. The extruding machines we provide are reasonable in structure, stable in operation.