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Middle Section High Speed Automatic Coiling Machine

Middle section high speed automatic coiling machine (kind of middle section coiling machine and high speed coiling machine), developed by Handing Machinery Factory in the latest, is applicable  for coiling and bunching wires, cables and ropes of 0.5-6 mm2 with middle cross section with the feature of high production efficiency. Besides, this middle section coiling machine is applied in the coiling and bundling 10-70 mm2 single wire and round sheath wire with diameter less than 20 mm.  

1. High speed coiling machine has excellent and stable traversing quality. The quality of traverse ranks first among the similar products both at home and abroad.
2. Middle section coiling machine features high production efficiency and low the human cost (20% of the traditional machine type)

1. High speed coiling machine is designed for wire coiling.
2. The minimum diameter is less than 20 mm.
3. Middle section automatic coiling machine can be operated at high automatic speed.
4. Middle section coiling machine is suitable for 10-70 mm2 single wires.

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of middle section automatic coiling machines and high speed coiling machines. We are engaged in designing, developing, researching, manufacturing and selling various electric machines and equipments. Baochuan promises to provide first grade machines and satisfactory service for clients. For detailed information about our middle section coiling machine, please visit our website and contact us directly.

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