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Fine Continuous Annealed Wire Drawing Machine

Fine Continuous Annealed Wire Drawing Machine

Fine wire drawing machines are applicable for drawing and annealing fine wires or neutral wires.
These wire drawing machines consists of overhead pay-off-rack, wire drawing and annealing take-up machine, steam generator and electrical control system. Besides, the electrical parts of fine wire drawing machines are of famous brands both at home and abroad, such as transducers from INOVBNDE, electric motor from Southern Anhui, low-voltage switch from SCHEIDER, PLC from MITSUBISHI and bearings from NSK.

Competitive Advantages
1. These fine wire drawing machines are kind of new products in our company. They are earth-friendly.
2. These fine continuous annealing drawing machines adopt good and high quality control.
3. These fine wire drawing machines are in a variety of designs.
4. These machines have the features of high speed, high production prompt delivery, and competitive prices.
5. Small orders are acceptable.
6. OEM production is available.

1. These fine wire drawing machines adopt structures of iron plate welding annealing treatment
2. The drawing capstans employ sprayed porcelains and tungsten carbide.
3. Bobbin Uploading and loading introduces shaft types.
4. DC triple patterns are utilized in these fine continuous wire drawing annealing machines.                                                               
Packaging: Thin Film
Mode of Transportation: Shipping


Product Model BAOC-22DT BAOC-24DT BAOC-14DT BAOC-20DAT
Outlet Wire Diameter Ø 0.10-Ø 0.32 mm Ø 0.07-Ø 0.25 mm Ø 0.30-Ø 0.80 mm Ø0.15-Ø 0.80 mm
Inlet Wire Diameter Ø 0.60-Ø 1.2 Ø 0.5-Ø 1.0 Ø 0.8-Ø 1.6 Ø 0.15- Ø 0.4
Max. Wire Speed 2000 mpm/max 2000 mpm/max 1200 mpm/max 1800 mpm/max
Dies No. 22 24 14 20
Mechanical Reduction 15%+8% 13%+8% 15%+8% 15%+8%
Max. Drawing Capstan Diameter Ø 242.85 mm Ø 242.5 mm Ø 316 mm Ø 200 mm
Capstan Diameter Ø 199 mm Ø 199 mm Ø 268 mm Ø 200 mm
Main Motor Power 11 Kw 11 Kw 15 Kw 18.5 Kw
Take-up Motor Power 3.7 Kw 3.7 Kw 5.5 Kw 5.5 Kw
Max. Annealing Current DC 300A DC 300A DC 800A DC 800A
Max. Annealing Voltage DC55V DC55V DC60V DC60V
Annealing Power 16 kVA 16 kVA 42 kVA 42 kVA
Quantity of Steam 8 kg/h 10 kg/h
Annealing and Cooling Quantity 150 L/min 250 L/min
Consumption of Compressed Air 0.4-0.6 MPa 15L/min
Service Voltage 2100 × 1600 × 1700 2100 × 1600 × 1900 2600 × 1600 × 1900 3020 × 1688 ×  2015
Weight 3000 kg 3000 kg 3200 kg 4000 kg

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in the research and development, manufacture and sell of electrical equipment such as fine wire drawing machines, medium wire drawing-annealing machinery annealing machine, stranding machine, electric wire and cable, and varnished wire and more. And the wire drawing mills we provide are greatly improved and innovated according to the market requirements. For detailed information about our fine wire drawing machines, please refer to our website and contact us directly.

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