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High Speed Extruder Production Line (PLC)

High Speed Extruder Production Line (PLC)

High speed extruder production line, also known as extrusion machines, is suitable for extruding plastic materials like PVC and PE, etc. It is applicable for processing power lines, computer wires, and insulated wire sheath and building cables, etc. The extrusion machines are composed of double pay-off rack, straightening machine, main engine, control cabinet, water channel, wire storage rack, dragger and take-up machine, etc. And the following equipments are optional, such as active pay-off rack, copper wire pre-heater, powder machine; low smoke zero halogen special screw, low density screw, high density screw, laser measuring diameter instrument and PLC computer control.
High speed extruder production line (extrusion machines) can independently finish the complete operations of material feeding, drying, and surface processing, compounding, edge-cutting, edge-absorbing and rolling. In addition, the DB1-1100 high speed extrusion laminating machine adopts such progressive technologies as photo-electricity tracking, electric spark processing, digital display of speed and material’s length, automatic constant tension, automatic temperature control, and so on.

The high speed extruder production line has the performance of high speed, high production, low energy consumption, and excellent good forming quality. The structure of the machine line is compact with a pleasing appearance, smooth running, and flexible and reliable control, and excellent working performance, convenient and safe operation. It is equipped with highly automatic industrial controlling components and electric parts.

1. The extrusion machines are characterized by high level of automation, low consumption of energy and high accuracy of extrusion
2. This high speed extruder production line features high quality and high efficiency of extruded production.
3. The extrusion machines are multi-functional.
4. This high speed extruder production line is easy and convenient in operation and maintenance with low or no malfunction. 
1. This machine line has adopted variety of techniques from overseas, so the extrusion machines are fully automatic, high efficiency, steady production, and computerized control.
2. We are holding the management ideas of honesty, development and innovation. We are trying to update and improve machines and equipment like extrusion machines.
3. We provide all-round service for customers, from whole plant panning to equipment manufacture to equipment transportation to installation and debugging to finished wire production and to after –sale service.

The High Speed Extruder Production Line is mostly suitable for extruding or laminating the membrane, paper (brown-packing paper, PE paper and high-quality paper), clothing, metal foil, plastic bags, other synthetic materials, etc
Packaging: Thin Film
Mode of Transportation: Shipping


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