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Bundling Machine

Wire bundling machine, also known as wire bundle wrap packaging machinery, is applicable for coiling and bundling sheathed wires. It consists of frequency generator, amplifier, coil, capacitor box and some wires.

1. Wire bundling machine features quick and convenient loading and unloading take-up. The pay-off machine can automatically brake without disordering wires. The pay-off spool adopts elevator mechanism, leading to the reduction of labor working.
2. Wire bundling machine employs special device for automatic winding displacement, leading to quick coiling and bundling.
3. Wire bundle wrap packaging machinery features high efficiency and little using time.  After coiled, the electric coil can be quickly bundled and easily taken down.
4. Wire bundling machine is characterized by neat winding displacement and good out looking.
5. This sheathed coiling bundling machine is capable of coiling and bundling multi-core electronic wires as well.

Competitive Advantages
1. Wire bundling machine features high production efficiency. The labor cost takes up 20% of that in traditional wire bundle wrap packaging machine.
A. It adopts automatic winding displacement, reducing one operator’s labor.
B. Wire bundling machine makes use of automatic wiring. The take-up speed is two to three times as that of tradition machine.
C. It utilizes quick bundling device. The coiled electric wires can be quickly bundled and easily taken down. This reduces the working strength and saves a lot of time.
D. Only one operator is needed to finish coiling, bundling and packaging wires with plastic film.
2. The winding displacement of this wire bundling machine is of high and stable quality.
A. Automatic winding displacement is adopted so as to guarantee that the winding pitch be not affected and make regular wire materials and high quality winding displacement.
B. This automatic mode is not affected by human factors, leading to stable winding.

1. After running for 500 hours, the bearing needs to be refilled with lubricating grease.
2. The transmission belt should be checked once a month.
3. Lifting screw parts of automatic tension pay-off machine and rotating parts of worm gears should be lubricated accordingly.

Parameters of Wire Bundling Machine

  Ø 630 Ø 800
Pay-off Mode Shaft or Shaftless Automatic Pay-off Shaft or Shaftless Automatic Pay-off
Pay-off Spool Size Ø630 Ø800
Traverse Method Automatic Automatic
Line Groove Number 3 3
Line Height 30-100 mm 30-100 mm
Revolving Speed of Main Engine 0-500 rpm 0-360 rpm
Outer Diameter ≤ 310 mm ≤ 400 mm
Motor Power 3 HP 5 HP
Inner Diameter 120 mm 120 mm
Overall Output per Manshift About 700 Bundles About 400Bundles
Range of Application BV, BVV, RV: 0.3-6 mm2 Squeeze BVVB SYV75-3, SYV75-5 Coaxial Squeeze: RVV,RVVP Squeezing and Stranding Outer Diameter < 8 mm Small Section Cable BV,BVV,RV: 1.0-25 mm2 Squeeze BVVBSYV75-3, SYV75-5SYV75-7, SYV75-9 Coaxial Squeeze : RVV, RVVP Squeezing and Stranding Outer Diameter < 8 mm Small Section Cable

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