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Steel Wire Drawing Machine

Steel wire drawing machines are used in various kinds of wire drawing process. Such wire drawing machinery can be used to simultaneously carry out cutting, rust removing and aligning of various deformed steel bars, flat steels and square steels. These steel wire drawing machines need no discharge head. And the whole process can be operated by one operator. And the processed materials can be widely used in building and nail making industry.

1. The steel wire drawing machines have no recurring cost.
2. Such wire drawing machinery help improve the finished products.
3. It features reduced energy consumption, reduced machine downtime and reduced pollution and environmental impact.
4. The steel wire drawing machines have extended oil change period.
5. Lots of expenses on operation and maintenance can be saved.
6. Such wire drawing machinery is highly user-friendly.

Our steel wire drawing machines have many advantages, such as highly demanding, superior quality and high efficiency. Such wire drawing machinery includes much more processing materials like steel wires, stainless steel wires, special wires, piano wires and plating steel wires, etc. Recently, it has involved to IC field which is ahead of the times.

Wuxi Baochuan Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of steel wire drawing machines in China. As a client-centric organization, we are engaged in offering a wide range of wire drawing machinery. The steel wire drawing machines meet the highest of international standards. They can be availed in different configurations as per the requirements and usages of our prestigious customers.

  • High Speed Stranding Machine1. Maximum speed of spindle is 3000 rpm.
    2. When automatic tension controls the stranded conductor, the take-up tension force needs to increase from the bottom of the disk to full disk. This high speed stranding machine can automatically track and adjust the take-up tension force and make it well-proportioned. What’s more, this stranding machinery can adjust the force without downtime.
  • 500 High Speed Twist Bunching Machine1. Compared with high speed stranding machine of the same mode, this twist bunching machine can strand wire materials with more than two times sectional area.
    2. 500 high speed twist bunching machine adopts spindle with premium materials and strict working process so as to guarantee good performance of this stranding machine.
  • Single Layer Wrapping MachineSinge layer wire taping machine adopts belt transmission through alternating current dynamo. A pair of bevel gears is driven to move so as to make the wrapping drum rotate to right and left direction. And the core wire rotates positively and negatively with the dragging wheel. Stepless transmission can be adjusted so as to meet the needs of the different winding pitch by changing...
  • Double Layer Wrapping MachineDouble layer wrapping machine features wide range of applications, high capacity, stable tension, accurate wrapping pitch, good flat cable and high quality. A. Double frequency conversion governor makes it easy to operate the double layer cable taping machine. B. This double layer wrapping machine features stable speed of magnetic powder clutch tension and torque take-up ...