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Double Layer Wrapping Machine

Double Layer Wrapping Machine

The machine is a vertical double layer wrapping machine (double layer cable taping machine). It is suitable for the mica tape wrapping of wire, power cable, control cable, optical cable and insulation wire cores. The fireproof wire and cable are mainly used in power plant, airport, high rise building, metro, underground street, entertainment place and many other places. The requirements of fireproof wire and cable have been increasing, thus, the appearance of multi-head fireproof wire and cable wrapping machine offers all new professional equipment for different wire and cable plants.
This wire wrapping machine is double-head wrapping and transmitted by A.C. motor with belt. It wraps the tape (paper belt and aluminum foil) around the core wire. The double layer wrapping machine has double wrapping head. It can carry out secondary wrapping to the right and left respectively.

This double layer wrapping machine features wide range of applications, high capacity, stable tension, accurate wrapping pitch, good flat cable and high quality.
A. Double frequency conversion governor makes it easy to operate the double layer cable taping machine.
B. This double layer wrapping machine features stable speed of magnetic powder clutch tension and torque take-up.
C. The hauling power is 1 HP and the wrapping power is 1 HP.
D. The maximum wrapping speed is 2500 rpm

1. This double layer wrapping machine adopts PLC touch screen control.
2. This double layer cable taping machine is of high efficiency with competitive price.
3. It employs automatic tension control.
4. Its concentricity is over 95%.

Working Principle
This machine is a kind of wrapping machine with double heads. This double layer wrapping machine employs belt transmission through alternating current dynamo and bevel gear transmission so as to make the wrapping drum rotate to right and left direction. And the core wire rotates positively and negatively with the dragging wheel. Thus, it conducts It can carry out secondary wrapping to the right and left respectively. Stepless transmission is regulated so as to adjust revolution speed accordingly.

Packaging: Thin Film
Mode of Transportation: Shipping


Lay of Lapping Frequency Conversion Adjustment
Applicable Wire Diameter Ø 0.60-Ø 15 mm
Pad Wire Diameter Ø 250-Ø 300 mm
Take-up Wire Coil Diameter (Outer Diameter × Outer Width × Inner Width  × Axis Hole ) Ø 630 × 475 mm × 400 mm × Ø 56 mm
Motor Power Three Phase 380V, 1.5 Kw Controlled Inverter
Revolution speed 2500 rpm
Take-up Device Torque Motor or Friction Clutch

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing wire wrapping machines like double layer wrapping machine or double layer wire taping machine. The machine we provide have been refined and improved in its technical characteristics and performances. For more information about double layer wrapping machine, please visit our website and contact us directly.

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