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300 High-Speed Auto Stranding Machine

300 high-speed auto stranding machines are widely applicable for stranding various types of soft or hard conductor wires (e.g. copper wires, enameled wires, copper clad steel and copper clad aluminum, etc.) and for twisting electronic lines, such as power lines, telephone lines, audio cables, video cables, automotive wires and network lines. Besides, this stranding machinery can conduct bunch stranding and concentric stranding of various bare copper wires, tinned wires and alloy wires, etc. What’s more, 300 high-speed auto stranding machines are characterized by high rotate speed, stable take-up tension, low noise, little vibration and easy operation. Imported standard fittings are adopted so this stranding machinery is damage resisting.

1. The maximum spindle speed of the stranding machines is 4500rpm.
2. This stranding machinery adopts automatic tension control.
3. With host oil lubrication and natural circulation cooling, the spindle bearing life has been effectively extended.
4. 300 high-speed auto stranding machines are equipped with three compacted unit so as to ensure conductor after the roundness of strands and to reduce the loss of insulating material.
5. Equipped with synchronous transmission, the stranding machinery has no lubrication points and can be kept clean and stranded without oil.

Main Principle of Stranding Machines
The copper wire traverses through the stranding bow in the stranding machinery. With circling motion, the stranding bow spirally winds each single copper wire together. Copper wires of different specifications and numbers are stranded together in certain arrangement and pitch of strand. Then conductors with larger diameters come into being. The stranded conductors are softer than single copper wire with the same diameter. Besides, these stranded conductors or copper wires are of better bending property.

1. The rotate speed and length are accurately demonstrated by data display instrument for easily observing and recording.
2. After special treatment through PLC and sensor, the take-up tension force is constant and adjustable.
3. The stranding machines adopt high-speed synchronous belt transmission, so they are of high efficiency, greaseless and easy change of stranding pitch.
4. This stranding machinery employs imported and high quality electric components. The failure rate is greatly reduced.
Packaging: Thin Film
Mode of Transportation: Shipping

Parameters of Stranding Machines

Product Model BAOC-JX300 BAOC-JX400 BAOC-JX500 BAOC-JX630
Control System Electrical Analog Type
Inlet Wire Diameter (mm) Ø 0.06-Ø 0.28 Ø 0.08-Ø 0.35 Ø 0.08-Ø 0.45 Ø 0.12-Ø 0.6
Twisting Sectional Area 0.035-0.45 0.035-1.5 0.035-2.0 1.0-1.5
Stranding Pitch 4.36-17 3.7-30.6 4.22-39.64 11-60
Stranding Direction Either Right or Left
Spool Bobbin Size 300 400 500 630
Rotate Speed 3000 2500 2500 2000
Brake System Magnetic Brake
Main Motor Power 4 Kw 5.5 Kw 5.5 Kw 7.5 Ke

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is specialized in various electrical machines and equipments. We are a professional manufacturer of 300 high-speed auto stranding machines (stranding machinery for electric wires) as well. After many years of development and production, a whole series of sophisticated models have now been formed to meet the specialized needs of different types of customers. The stranding machines we provide are compact in design mature in processes, reasonable in structure, stable in operation. Besides, this stranding machinery is of high quality, energy efficient, and is highly praised by all kinds of customers.