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Dry Wire Drawing Machine

Baochuan Co., Ltd. offers wide range of high speed state of dry wire drawing machines. The construction of the machine makes it possible for the dry wire drawing machinery to withstand rugged workshop conditions of wire drawing plant. Besides, the special construction can guarantee the performance and accuracy with least maintenance as well.

These dry wire drawing machines have wide field applications in stainless steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, mild steel and copper wire drawing.

1. The dry wire drawing machines are of good performance.
2. This dry wire drawing machinery needs least maintenance.
3. It features easy operation.
4. The dry wire drawing machines can be operated at high speed.

Working Process
The wire is drawn through a die which is fitted in an independent die box and is accumulated on the block, and later be taken through the OTO pulley to the next die. BB (ball bearing) block is twist free type machine with free bobbin block for accumulation. And the dry wire drawing machines are better for higher speed and better finish materials.

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of various electric machines like dry wire drawing machines in China. We are engaged in designing, developing, researching, manufacturing and selling such dry wire drawing machinery. Besides, Baochuan provides excellent after sale services. We introduce 6S enterprise management concepts. And with advanced technology and abundant human resources, Baochuan provides high quality dry wire drawing machines and diligent service for clients. Our wire bundle wrap machinery is known for its high performance, optimum quality and cost effectiveness. In addition, the machines can be customized.

  • Middle Section High Speed Automatic Coiling Machine1. High speed coiling machine has excellent and stable traversing quality. The quality of traverse ranks first among the similar products both at home and abroad. 2. This middle section coiling machine features high production efficiency and low the human cost (20% of the traditional machine type)...
  • Big Cross Section High Speed Automatic Coiling Machine1. High speed coiling machine is of excellent performance.
    2. Big cross section machinery features high strength.
    3. It is dimensionally accurate for coiling.
    4. It has advantages of high production efficiency and low human cost (20% of the traditional machine type).
  • Back Twist Machine1. Back twist machine features better twisting features good effect and excellent performance.
    2. Compared with High speed stranding machine, this back twisting machinery is capable of twisting wire materials with section area (more than two times).
    3. The pay-off tension is accurately controlled; the pay-off tension is stable.
  • Caterpillar Cable Pulling Machine1. Caterpillar cable pulling machine has a wide range of application. It adopts double caterpillar drawing method.
    2. Caterpillar cable haul off machine adopts frequency control and has a wide speed adjusting range.
    3. The hauling speed is well-distributed.