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  • Copper Intermediate Wire Drawing MachineCopper intermediate (medium) wire drawing machine is a sort of wire drawing machinery. This medium wire drawing machine is applicable for bare copper wire drawing. It consists of pay-off rack, wire drawing host machine, annealing machine, electrical control system, annealing control cabinet, tension controller, shaftless take-up machine and work station. This wire drawing machinery can draw copper wires with inlet wire from 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm ...

Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine

Intermediate wire drawing mill is also known as medium wire drawing machine or copper wire drawing machine. This machine series can be subdivided into gear transmission type and chain transmission pattern. It is applicable for drawing copper wires from Ø 3 mm to Ø 1 mm. Equipped with a built-in dual speed gearbox and a dual finishing capstan, this copper wire drawing machine can provide 4 kinds of finishing speeds.

1. The complete machine is under dual inverter control and is tension self-correcting.  
2. Intermediate wire drawing mill adopts high precision grinding gear transmission.
3. The wire drawing wheel surface is sprayed with tungsten carbide, making it of high abrasion.
4. Wire drawing parts adopt fully submerged lubrication.
5. Intermediate wire drawing mill can be utilized together with shaftless take-up machine and vertical plum blossom wire winding machine.

Competitive Advantages
1. The main accessories of our wire drawing machinery are from well known brand both at home and abroad. For example, our transducers are from INOVBNDE, electric motor from Southern Anhui, low-voltage apparatus from SCHEIDER, proximity switches from PEPPERL FUCHS and bearings from NSK.
2. Doctor Cable Company has purchased 20 BAOC-17MDS intermediate wire drawing mills.

1. When clients purchase this copper wire drawing machine, great attention should be paid to use conditions. Customers ought to get appropriate machine allocation according to capacity.
2. Clients should take price into consideration as well. Generally speaking, gear transmission is of high cost and price. However, the quality and speed of gear transmission cannot be surpassed by that of chain transmission. Chain transmission is more economical than gear transmission. The cost of the former one is lower that that of the latter. The price of cast housing is higher than that of welded one.

Needed Tools for Complete Production Line
1. Building projects and off-line engineering are mounted on the intermediate wire drawing mill.
2. Wire drawing emulsion, the emulsion pool, cooling pond and circling system are needed for drawing wires and lubrication.
3. Copper rod, cable rolls and whole set wire drawing die should be installed in a trial run.
4. Splicer is employed to connect the broken copper rods or wire.
5. Air source(more than 0.6 MPa)should be applied during the normal working of this intermediate wire drawing mill.

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