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  • Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Drawing Machine(CCA)1. Copper clad aluminum production line adopts advanced cladding welding manufacturing technology. 2. High quality copper wires are concentrically coated on the outer surface of the core wires like aluminum rods and steel wires conductor. And firm interatomic metallurgical bonding comes into being between the copper layer and core wire ...
  • Copper Clad Steel Wire Drawing Machine (CCS)1. Wire drawing mill adopts double inverter type to precisely control the spool wear tension and reduce the slip ratio of wire to a minimum manner 2. Drawing capstan is squarely arranged so as to save space. 3. This copper clad steel wire drawing machine adopts vibration elimination solid cast iron structure ...
  • Alloy Wire Drawing MachineThis alloy wire drawing equipment adopts iron plate welding annealing treatment structure and ceramic or tungsten carbide capstan. Its bobbin loading and unloading type adopts shaft type. It takes pulley gear motor (50-100 W) as its traverse method. Electromagnetic brake is the braking mode of alloy wire drawing machine. And the bearing lubrication is oil free...
  • Wet Wire Drawing MachinesWet wire drawing machines, also known as water tank wire drawing machines, are ideal equipment for modern steel cord production. They are composed of host machine, take-up machine, outlet wire machine and electric control cabinet. They consist of four groups of cone pulleys as well. These wet wire drawing machines are applicable for drawing high -carbon steel wire, mild steel wire and 0.70-0.92C% steel cord ...

Special Wire Drawing Machine

Special wire drawing machines include copper clad steel wire drawing machine, copper clad aluminum wire drawing mill, alloy type and water tank or wet type. They are applicable for drawing special wire stocks. These machines are built on modular structure do not require any special foundation. Internal water cooling is utilized for high efficiency cooling of wire. The wire drawing machines adopt profibus digital communication and fault diagnostic system based on PLC control. Besides, AC drives technology and efficient power transmission system and pneumatic high-speed brake system are utilized as well. What’s more, the outlet wire is of better quality due to a gentler handling of the wire during the drawing process (e.g. less wire deviations and low torsion etc.) as well as an optimized wire cooling. And with increased dust protection, these special wire drawing mills can work in better environmental conditions.

1. These special wire drawing machines are environmentally friendly. The wire drawing bench has no pollution to the environment.
2. They can process steady and uniform wire drawing.
3. The machines are characterized by nice shape, high efficiency and easy operation.
4. These wire drawing machines are for high and low carbon steel wire.
5. AC frequency-variation motor is adopted.
6. These special wire drawing mills are under PLC logical control.
7. These special machines are of higher drawing speeds, faster threading and twist-free operation.
8. The special wire drawing machines have the characteristics of high reliability, greater flexibility, lower current consumption and low downtime.

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Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of wire drawing machines for special wire stocks in China. These wire drawing mills are applicable for drawing wires of various materials. According to the materials they can process, the special machines can be divided into is subdivided into copper clad steel type, copper clad aluminum model, alloy pattern and water tank or wet wire drawing machines. For detailed information about our special wire drawing mills, please visit our website and contact us directly.