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  • Bare Copper Rod Breakdown MachineAs a sort of wire drawing mill, bare copper rod breakdown machine is ideal equipment applicable for drawing steel wire materials, high, medium and low carbon steels, as well as copper, aluminum and alloy. It is widely adopted for drawing wires in the factories and nail, screw and rivet making factories, etc.
  • Medium Copper Rod Breakdown MachineCopper rod breakdown machine is kind of slipping wire drawing machine mainly composed of main motor, in-line water tank wire drawing machine and plum blossom wire winding machine. It is applicable for drawing intermediate wires and fine wires from ferrous metals, non ferrous metals and metal alloys. This copper rod breakdown machine adopts isometric drum wheel of single-row draw type...
  • Low Speed Copper Rod Breakdown Machine1. Cone pulley is made of cast steel and is sprayed with tungsten carbide, which makes it ultra hard and wear-resisting. 2. Rod breakdown mill is applicable for mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and alloys. 3. High speed timing belts transmission is power saving. 4. Alloy steel is hardened with high efficiency. ...

Rod Breakdown Machine

Rod breakdown machinery, technically known as thick wire drawing machine (drawing mill), is applicable for drawing and annealing copper wire, aluminum wire, brass wire, and copper magnesium alloy wire and more. And the copper rod breakdown machine can draw the copper wires from 8 mm to 3.0 mm. Hardened and ground gear drive or timing belt drive arrangement is optional for better efficiency, lower maintenance, reduction of sound level and zero vibration.

Rod breakdown machinery can be divided into high speed copper rod breakdown machine, intermediate copper wire drawing machine and low speed rod breakdown mill.
1. High speed copper rod breakdown machine adopts isodiametric wheel tandem structure and is driven by double DC motor so as to conduct fast mold change. This type of machine can realize helical gearing with high performance and precision. Besides, it features high efficiency and low noise.
2. Intermediate copper rod breakdown machinery (copper wire drawing machine) is of in-line arrangement. Transmission mode adopts gear multiple-speed transmission. The gears belong to accurate grinding cylindrical spiral gears. And the bearings employ assembly of tapered roller and ball bearing.
3. Low speed copper rod breakdown machinery can draw copper wires from 8 mm to 3.0 mm and copper wires from 9.5 mm to 3.0 mm. After annealing, the finish copper wires are checked and accepted according to the standards of National Electrician Round copper Wire. The change of the outer diameter is below plus-minus 0.01 mm. Besides, there is no surface defect between single wire drawing die and take-up reel. The surface is bright, clean and round.

1. Copper rod breakdown machinery adopts single-row tilting arrangement for the drawing block. The horn spacing of all wire drum mold base is short in distance, equal in extension and strong in rigidity.
2. The surface of the bracing wire drum wheel is sprayed with tungsten carbide, making it with high hardness, good abrasive resistance and long service life.
3. The main engine of the rod breakdown machinery and capstan are equipped with self-contained motor drives with the function of quick exchange of die.
4. Wire drawing machine is provided with DC horizontal annealing device, making it stable in annealing rate and convenient in operation.
5. Copper rod breakdown machinery is characterized by double disk continuous take-up, automatic disk change with invariant conductor rate. And the success rate of disk changing is more than 99 percent.
6. Rod breakdown machine features multiple functions and stable performance. It adopts DC dynamic drive, PLC control and human-computer interface.

1. Rod breakdown machinery makes good use of advanced technology both at home and broad. With great reform and innovation, we provide advanced components such as transducers from INOVBNDE, electric motor from Southern Anhui, low-voltage apparatus from SCHEIDER, proximity switches from PEPPERL FUCHS and bearings from NSK.
2. The service life of this wire drawing machine is 20 years.
3. We have successful cases for dealing with the rod breakdown machinery for coppers. Take Doctor Cable Company for example. It has purchased 5 BAOC-450/13DL high speed rod breakdown machines from our company.
4. We have got ISO: 9001-2000 quality management system certification.

Needed Tools for Complete Copper Rod Breakdown Machinery Production Line
1. Wire drawing emulsion, the emulsion pool, cooling pond and circling system need to be utilized in drawing wires.
2. Copper rod, whole set wire drawing die and cable rolls need to be installed in a trial run.

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of rod breakdown machinery wire drawing machines and other electrical equipments. Ring type drawing capstans for convenience and low maintenance of the machine are available. Rod breakdown machinery is one of our flagship products. It can draw copper and aluminum wires. All the transmission gears and bearings are enforced with lubricants. Our wire drawing machines are available in single or multi-cone options that are designed to fulfill varied requirements of the user. In addition, we also offer customized designing and developing rod breakdown machinery as per the client’s requirements.