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Rod Breakdown Annealing Machine

Rod Breakdown Annealing Machine

As kind of continuous annealing machine, rod breakdown annealing machine is used to draw and anneal copper wires with wire range of Ø4.0-Ø1.2 mm/Max.
Large wire drawing annealing machine heats the metal to certain degree and keeps the metal for enough time. And then cool them with proper speed. According to different purposes, there appears various wire annealing machines, like fire-anneal, and spheroidizing copper wire annealing machine, etc.

1. This continuous annealing machine is controlled by dual inverter, with automatic correction of tension of force.
2. This copper wire annealing machine adopts precision grinding gear transmission.
3. High wear-resistant tungsten carbide coating processing is utilized by wire drawing wheel surface.
4. As for wire drawing part, it employs fully submerged lubrication.
5. This rod breakdown continuous annealing machine can be used cooperatively with continuous annealing, shaftless take-up, shaft winding and vertical plum blossom winding machine.
6. The annealing voltage will automatically trace the speed of wire drawing machine.
7. This continuous annealing machine adopts single motor and power control.

1. Our company has some world famous parts suppliers. And the continuous annealing machines we provide have the feature of high price performance ratio.
2. This copper wire annealing machine adopts second section system
3. Body and other key components and parts are produced by our own factory with reliable quality

1. This continuous annealing machine can improve or eliminate various flaws and residual stress generated during the process of casting, forging, rolling and welding. Besides, it can keep work pieces from deformation and craze.
2. This copper wire annealing machine softens work pieces so as to cut and process the materials. 3. The grain is refined so as to improve the mechanical property of work pieces.

Pre-Sale Training
In order to guarantee the customers are able to fully operate the machine, if the customers need, we can provide pre-sale training for customers. The pre-sale training includes:
(1) Correct operating mode
(2) Correct maintenance way
(3) Removable simple problem for our machine product
After Sale Service
The warranty period of mechanical part is one year and half a year for electrical equipments.
Packaging: Thin Film
Mode of Transportation: Shipping

Parameters of Continuous Annealing Machine

Product Model BAOC-TH5000
Wire Range Ø 4.0-Ø 1.2 mm/max
Max. Wire Speed 25 m/s
Out Diameter of Dehydration Module Ø 25 mm
Max. Annealing Current DC 5500 A/max
Max. Annealing Voltage DC 65 V/max
Annealing Power 350 kVA/max
Steam Generator Power 18 kW
Vapor Capacity 20 kg/h
Annealing Cooling Water Consumption 650 L/min
Compresses Air Consumption 0.4-0.6 MPa,50 L/min
Boundary Dimension 4200 × 2650 × 1430
Weight 5100 kg