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Annealing Machine

Annealing equipment, also known as annealing machine, is applicable for annealing alloy wires like copper wires and aluminum wires. It can be subdivided into large wire drawing machine with continuous annealing, copper intermediate wire annealing equipment, copper clad aluminum conduit annealing machine, and copper clad steel conduit annealing machine, etc.
This wire annealing equipment can anneal metallic materials with the diameter of 0.1 mm-0.4 mm. It consists of 24 heads, 32heads and 40 heads (suitable for copper wire, CCA wire, CCS wire, and brass wire), single head tinning machine with high speed for PV ribbon (suitable for PV tabbing ribbon and bus ribbon). Annealing process is done properly with the case head kept cool running in water and the temperature kept at the right range so as to make the brass pliable, but not dead soft. Combined with copper wire drawing machine, this annealing equipment can be applied in continuous annealing.

1. This annealing equipment is capable of annealing various cutters, gear racks and saw teeth.  
2. This wire annealing machine can be heated fast and evenly.
3. This machine can be heated fast and evenly so as to avoid embrittlement and breakage due to overheating gear models.
4. Besides, unhealthy phenomena like loosing teeth due to lack of gear penetration can be averted as well.

1. This annealing equipment is stable in operation, and is users’ friendly.
2. This annealing machine adopts humanization design.
3. This wire annealer features convenient operation, good quality and high efficiency.
4. This annealing equipment has the function of self trouble diagnosis

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