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Continuous Casting and Rolling

Continuous casting and rolling series is a kind of steel rolling technology.  Also known as strand casting, it is the process whereby molten metal is solidified into a “semi finished” billet, bloom, or slab for subsequent rolling in the finishing mills.
Liquid steel is poured into continuous casting machine and is rolled into billet (known as continuous casting). Without cooling, the billet is kept for a period of time in the soaking pit furnace and then is rolled into shaped steel in hot continuous rolling unit.

1. Crystallizing wheel is in type of “H”, on every side of which there is an adjustable nozzle spraying water to ensure the crystal of the cast bar close and equal.
2. The continuous casting and rolling series is designed with a unique rolling method combining 2-high mould with 3-high mould.
3. The transmission system is in type of DC motor fully-digital speed adjusting.
4. The continuous casting and rolling series is characterized by perfect outlook and lower noise and vibration.
5. This machine series features high efficiency and quality of production but low dissipation energy.

1. The continuous casting and rolling series can be equipped with different kinds of melting furnaces according to various raw materials
2. The copper rod continuous casting and rolling machine can produce ETP and FRHC with dia. 8 mm.
3. The continuous casting and rolling series is mainly designed to produce φ 8mm low oxygen and bright copper rods by means of continuous casting and rolling.

Continuous casting and rolling series skillfully combines casting and rolling together. Compared with traditional one, this machine series simplifies the process, improves working conditions, and increases metallic yield, saves energy and enhances the quality of steel billet. In addition, This continuous casting and rolling series has the features of compact structure, reasonable layout, easy operation, convenience maintenance, low invest, stable performance and is sturdy and durable.

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