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Precision Fluoroplastic Extruder Machine

Precision Fluoroplastic Extruder Machine

Fluoroplastic extruder machine is applicable for production of various fluoroplastics from FEP or F46, FPA and ETFE. This fluoroplastic extruder production line consists of pay-off, straightener, 65/25 extruder, cooling trough, haul-off, traversing and take-up and electrical control.

1. The screw cylinder adopts special free tuning prow which is made of No. 3 new steel of GH113 material. This makes the fluoroplastic extruder machine corrosion resisting and heat resisting.
2. The heating system employs heat resisting copper alloy heater.
3. Besides, this fluoroplastic extruder production line is equipped with O.D. (outer diameter) detection feedback device. This device can carry out whole-process control on technological parameters like O.D. and concentricity.
4. Fluoroplastic extruder machine makes use of inverter control and PLC touch screen control.

1. Fluoroplastic extruder production line is energy-saving and has large extrusion capacity.
2. Fluoroplastic extruder machine adopts advanced design and is easy to handle.
3. It is controlled by imported transducer and PLC touch screen.

We provide pre-sale training in order to guarantee that the customers be able to fully operate the fluoroplastic extruder machine, if the customers need. The training includes:
 (1) Correct operating mode
 (2) Correct maintenance way
 (3) Remove simple stoppage
Packaging: Thin Film
Mode of Transportation: Shipping

Parameters of Fluoroplastic Extruder Machine

Model BAOC-30 BAOC-45 BAOC-65
Screw Diameter Ø 30 Ø 45 Ø 65
Screw Slenderness Ratio 25:1Tailored Version 25:1 Tailored Version 25:1 Tailored Version
Temperature Control 6 Section 6 Section 7 Section
Main Motor Power 10 HP 15 HP 30 HP
Extruding Quantity (kg\hr) 15 kg\hr 25 kg\hr 45 kg\hr
Conductor Diameter 0.1-3.0 0.2-6.0 3.0-28
Insulation Outside Diameter 0.3-4.0 0.4-8.0 4.0-32.0
Electrical Control Frequency Control and PLC Whole Control (Optional) Frequency Control and PLC Whole Control (Optional) Frequency Control and PLC Whole Control (Optional)

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in making precision fluoroplastic extruder machine. Owing a technical team formed by many experts and engineers, Wuxi Baochuan Co., Ltd. is concentrated on making the best fluoroplastic extruder production line both at home and abroad and is specialized in high temperature line with good quality and reasonable price in China

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