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Back Twist Machine

Back Twist Machine

Back twist machine is composed of back twist pay-off mechanism, tension detecting rack, coil elevator mechanism and electric control panel. This back twisting machinery can be generally divided into two types—horizontal back twist unit and vertical double tray back twist machine. It is suitable for cabling and twisting power lines, computer cables (≤7 strands), multi-strand data cables, communication wires and core wires and more. Besides, this back twisting machinery can be applicable for high frequency digital LAN cables after stranding. When twisted, the insulated core wires are interlaced with balance. This overcomes the problem of the uneven reserving force when twisting. Thu, high speed twisting, uniform quality and accurate pitch can be achieved. This back twist machine adopts dual combustion back twisting machinery. The evolution speed is of 1500 rmp.

1. Back twist machine features better twisting features good effect and excellent performance.  
2. Compared with High speed stranding machine, this back twisting machinery is capable of twisting wire materials with section area (more than two times).
3. The pay-off tension is accurately controlled; the pay-off tension is stable.
4. The twisting rate is easy and convenient to control. With auto twisting and rotating, the rotation speed will change accordingly. 
5. Back twist machine wears well. It adopts double disk twisted bow of high strength carbon fiber material.


Machine Type 400 500 630
Applicable Wire Ø 0.80-Ø 4.0 Ø 0.80-Ø 4.0 Ø 0.80-Ø 4.0
Coil Diameter Ø 400 Ø 500 Ø 630
Twisting Direction S or Z
Range of Tension 100 g-3000 g
Power 5 HP
Machine Dimension L2100 × W1680 × H1420
Net Weight 1850 kg (Depends on number of thread.)

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of back twist machine (back twisting machinery) and other electrical equipments in China. We provide excellent after sale services. We introduce 6S enterprise management concepts. And with advanced technology and abundant human resources, Baochuan promises to provide high quality back twist machines and satisfactory service for clients.

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