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Wire Drawing Machinery

Our range of wire drawing machinery is designed to cater to the requirements of diverse applications of engineering industry. It can be used to draw wire rod from8 mm to 2.34 mm. The wire drawing mills we provide are manufactured from special quality cast iron. This wire drawing machinery is equipped with a die box which comprises two separate compartments, one for the dry shop drawing lubricant, and another for water cooling of the die. The box is adjustable both in vertical and horizontal positions. Besides, this wire drawing machinery has rear steel plate guard. And wire mesh guard is also provided covering the units from front. All mesh guards are electrically interlocked.

1. Wire drawing machinery offered by us is known for offering high resolution and performance.
2. Supported by our vast industry experience, we also offer customized facility in accordance with the specific demands of each industry.
3. Our wire drawing machinery is highly appreciated for their reliability and efficient working life.

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire drawing machinery (machines) enterprise. We specialize in the research and development, manufacture and sell of electrical equipment like wire annealing machine, stranding machine, wire drawing machinery, electric wire and cable, and varnished wire and more. And the wire drawing mills we provide are widely utilized in industries like nail making, electric wire and cable, steel wire rope and spring industry.

  • Medium Copper Rod Breakdown MachineCopper rod breakdown machine is kind of slipping wire drawing machine mainly composed of main motor, in-line water tank wire drawing machine and plum blossom wire winding machine. It is applicable for drawing intermediate wires and fine wires from ferrous metals, non ferrous metals and metal alloys. This copper rod breakdown machine adopts isometric drum wheel of single-row draw type ...
  • Low Speed Copper Rod Breakdown Machine1. Cone pulley is made of cast steel and is sprayed with tungsten carbide, which makes it ultra hard and wear-resisting.
    2. Rod breakdown mill is applicable for mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and alloys.
    3. High speed timing belts transmission is power saving ...
  • Copper Intermediate Wire Drawing MachineCopper intermediate (medium) wire drawing machine is a sort of wire drawing machinery. This medium wire drawing machine is applicable for bare copper wire drawing. It consists of pay-off rack, wire drawing host machine, annealing machine, electrical control system, annealing control cabinet, tension controller, shaftless take-up machine and work station. This wire drawing machinery can draw copper wires with inlet wire from 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm ...
  • Dual Inverter Control Copper Fine Wire Drawing Machine1. Dual inverter control copper fine wire drawing machinery adopts double inverter with little slip frequency. And the outlet wires are good-looking and of high quality.
    2. Such frequency wire drawing machine employs vertical configuration for wire drawing area.
    3. Dual inverter control copper fine wire drawing machinery utilizes integrated iron casting structure...
  • Single Inverter Control Copper Fine Wire Drawing MachineSingle inverter control copper fine wire drawing machine is applicable for drawing copper wire from Ø 0.07-Φ 0.50 to Ø 0.5-Φ1.0 with signal inverter control. It is mainly made up of a pay-off stand BAOC-24DW wire drawing machinery, loading and unloading trolley and more. Several types of this copper wire drawing machine are available, such as BAOC-20DW, BAOC-22DW and BAOC-24DW. This fine wire drawing machine adopts traditional analog...