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Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Straight line wire drawing machines are developed for straight or deflection free drawing of wires. This can provide better drawability, lower frictional contact and lower operator interference. Principally this machine is best suitable for thick wires. However, theoretically there is no limit as far as the wire material or wire diameter is concerned to be drawn on the straight line drawing machinery.

This straight line wire drawing machine has a sensor roller between the drum and the next die. And the wire passes in contact with this roller. These rollers have sensors to detect the position of the arm and maintain tension on the wire by regulating speed of the drums. The drums of this straight line drawing machinery are inclined to the vertical axis to affect fill on the drums.

1. Straight line wire drawing machine adopts modular structure, in combination with blocks and do not require any special foundation.
2. Straight line drawing machinery features twist-free operation and higher drawing speed, faster threading and better productivity.
3. Straight line wire drawing machine is with high pressure and narrow gap. It adopts internal water cooling for high efficiency cooling of wire.
4. Straight line drawing machinery is characterized by high reliability and low downtime due to lower rate of wear parts.
5. The quality of the finish wire is guaranteed due to a gentler handling of the wire during the drawing process (less wire deviations, low torsion etc.) as well as an optimized wire cooling.
6. Straight line wire drawing machine employs pneumatic high speed brake system.
7. Straight line drawing machinery has the features of better environmental conditions due to increased dust protection, greater flexibility and lower current consumption due to modern AC drive technology and efficient power transmission system.
8. Straight line wire drawing machine utilizes PLC control with profibus digital communication and fault diagnostic system.

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is engaged in designing, developing, researching, manufacturing and selling straight line wire drawing machines in China. We promise to provide first grade straight line drawing machinery and satisfactory service for clients. The machines we provide are known for their sturdy construction, high efficiency, optimum quality and cost effectiveness. With high quality and good performance, the straight line wire drawing machines have been exported to Egypt, India, North America, South America, Russia and many other foreign countries.

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