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Caterpillar Cable Pulling Machine

Caterpillar Cable Pulling Machine

Caterpillar cable pulling machine is used to hauling various wires and cables. Caterpillar cable haul off machine is widely applicable for extruding, packaging and cabling, etc. production line in wire and cable factory and optical cable factory. Flat belt traction and pneumatic lock is adopted in this machine.
Caterpillar cable pulling machine is composed of rack, hauling mechanism, traditional system and traction caterpillar lifting mechanism. The rack adopts steel welding structure. Rubber piece of chain type plastic tubing traction institution is constituted by driven pulley, chain and block rubber and more.
Caterpillar cable pulling machine employs straight association-like frequency conversion adjustment. Such caterpillar transmission method features one machine drive, universal joint linkage, stable rotation and steady hauling. Caterpillar cable haul off machine is equipped with aluminum alloy rail type quick-changing traction block and is armed with toughened glass cover. The top of the caterpillar is clamped with flexibility by cylinder. And it can be automatically changed according to various specifications. At the same time, the top of caterpillar can keep good contact pressure with tubular materials. The bottom of the caterpillar can be electrically adjusted according to tubular materials.

1. Caterpillar cable pulling machine has a wide range of application. It adopts double caterpillar drawing method.
2. Caterpillar cable haul off machine adopts frequency control and has a wide speed adjusting range.
3. The hauling speed is well-distributed.
4. Caterpillar cable pulling machine features low noise, strong anti interference ability, convenient adjustment, reliable performance and stable quality.
5. Caterpillar cable haul off machine is compact in structure and good looking in appearance.

Working Principle
Two gear motors directly transmit the motive power of hauling mechanism to sprocket through the spindle respectively. Traction caterpillar lifting mechanism can be adjusted according to the diameter of the tubular products and needed hauling power. It can be driven by cylinder. Screw adjustment also works.

Packaging: Thin Film
Mode of Transportation: Shipping

Parameters of Caterpillar Cable Pulling Machine

Model Max. Hauling Force Wire Diameter Caterpillar Contact Length Track Width Number of Cylinder Max. Hauling Speed
BAOC-4000 4000  kg Ø 40-Ø 180 3003 mm 180mm 9 35 min
BAOC-3500 3500  kg Ø 40-Ø 15 0 mm 3003  mm 180mm 9 30 min
BAOC-3000 3000 kg Ø 15-Ø 150 mm 3000 mm 180 mm 8 63 min
BAOC-2500 2500 kg Ø 15-Ø 150 mm 2392 mm 150 mm 8 63 min
BAOC-2000 2000 kg Ø 15-Ø 150 mm 2395 mm 120 mm 7 100 min
BAOC-1600 1600 kg Ø 15-Ø 150 mm 1900 mm 120 mm 6 100 min
BAOC-1250 1250 kg Ø 5-Ø 130 mm 1575 mm 120 mm 5 100 min
BAOC800 800 kg Ø 3-Ø 80 mm 1300 mm 90 mm 5 100 min
BAOC-500 500 kg 0-Ø 60 mm 750 mm 80 mm 4 100 min
BAOC-400 400 kg 0-Ø 30 mm 450 mm 80 mm 1 120 min
BAOC-200 200 kg 0-Ø 30 mm 450 mm 80 mm 1 150 min

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