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  • Single Layer Wrapping MachineSingle layer wrapping machine (single layer wire taping machine) is applicable for wrapping insulation wire core mica tape of electric wires power cables ...
  • Double Layer Wrapping MachineDouble layer wrapping machine is suitable for the mica tape wrapping of wire, power cable, control cable, optical cable and insulation wire cores ...
  • Three Layer Wrapping MachineThree layer wrapping machine is is suitable for wrapping copper wires and cable surface center like cotton tape, transparent tape, fireproof belt, aluminum foil ...

Wrapping Machine

A wire wrapping machine is also known as wire tape machine or cable taping machine. It usually consists of a wrapping mechanism, a gluing device and sometimes a counting mechanism. A wire tape machine can be used as an independent unit or as a part of an automatic pre-packing and packaging machine. A cable taping machine is usually applicable for piece-by-piece wrapping of mass-produced articles (such as candy, soap, and razor blades) or for wrapping of predetermined quantities of merchandise (such as pastry, sugar, and cigarettes).
Capacity of an automatic wire tape machine for confectionary products (e.g. candy) can be as high as 600 pieces per minute; for semiautomatic machines it is from 120 to 130 pieces per minute.

1. Wire tape machine is of high performance.
2. Cable taping machine has a long performing life.
3. Wire wrapping machine is designed with special structure.

1. With years of experience in wire tape machine manufacturing, we have greatly refined and improved the technical characteristics and performances of cable taping machines.
2. All of the using materials are of high quality and conform to high technical standards. All mechanical and electronic components merge with highly efficient and precise assembling and testing procedures; this leads to the high performance production, safe and durable products.
3. Our wire tape machines have always been synonym to reliability, easy use and maintenance, and most of all, to strict compliance with safety rules and standards.

Working Principle of Wire Wrapping Machine
Depending on the construction of the wire tape machine, the articles are wrapped either on a line or on a turntable, with a periodic displacement from one operating member of the wrapping mechanism to another such member. One-, two-, or three-layer packaging can be done. Wrapping materials used include paper, cellophane and foil.