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  • Dual Inverter Control Copper Fine Wire Drawing Machine1. Dual inverter control copper fine wire drawing equipment adopts double inverter with little slip frequency. And the outlet wires are good-looking and of high quality. 2. Such frequency wire drawing machine employs vertical configuration for wire drawing area. 3. Dual inverter control copper fine wire drawing machinery utilizes integrated iron casting structure. 4. Frequency wire drawing machine features flat belt transmission...
  • Single Inverter Control Copper Fine Wire Drawing Machine1. Single inverter control copper fine wire drawing equipment is delivered promptly. 2. It is a newly developed product. 3. This copper wire drawing machine is in a variety of design. 4. It is available at competitive prices. 5. Small order is acceptable. 6. We have professional engineers to design and refit this copper fine wire drawing machine with single inverter control ...

Fine Wire Drawing Machine

Fine wire drawing machine is ideal equipment for drawing wire materials of high, medium and low carbon steel, as well as copper, aluminum and alloy. This wire drawing mill is applicable for drawing wires in the factories and nail making factory, etc. According to the material or length of the wire, this fine wire drawing machine series consists of different types or models, such as    20D, 22DS, 24DS, 20DW, 22DW, 24DW and 14DS. Generally speaking, this wire drawing mill can draw Ø 1 mm copper material to Ø 0.08 mm. In addition, there are two kinds of operations modes for customers to choose— button mode and computer numerical control mode. The latter is convenient for centralized management.

1. This fine wire drawing machine adopts integrated casting mould and is of good processing concentricity.
2. Transmission can process high standard dynamic balance processing. 3. This copper wire drawing machinery utilizes spray-type wire drawing lubrication. 4. This wire drawing mill makes use of spraying ceramic cone pulley and capstan.
5. This fine wire drawing machine employs imported flat belt drive.
6. It can improve production efficiency, reduce the operating difficulty and increase enterprise’s benefits
7. Besides, this wire drawing machinery is capable of simplifying the production process.
8. This wire drawing mill features easy operation, low personnel cost and is cost saving.
9. This wire drawing machinery can be available at a reasonable price; the price is only 1/3 of the imported equipment.
5. Introducing the latest technology from Europe, this fine wire drawing machine is of high quality.

Competitive Advantages
1. The main electrical parts are from famous brands both at home and abroad. For example, our electric motor is from Southern Anhui, transducers are from INOVBNDE, low-voltage apparatus from SCHEIDER, proximity switches from PEPPERL FUCHS and bearings from NSK.
2. This fine wire drawing machine has long service life of ten years.
3. We have developed and occupied main markets abroad. For example, Doctor Cable Company has purchased 30 BAOC-20D and 30 BAOC-24DS wire drawing mills.

Needed Tools for Complete Production Line
1. Building projects and off-line engineering are installed in the wire drawing mill.
2. Wire drawing emulsion, the emulsion pool, cooling pond and circling system are necessary for drawing wires.
3. Copper rod, whole set wire drawing die and cable rolls should be mounted on a trial run.

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of fine wire drawing machines in China. This wire drawing mill is subdivided into dual inverter control copper wire drawing machine and single type. This machine series is characterized by high production, power saving, easy and convenient operation, good stability, durability and reasonable price, excellent service, wide range of users, high technology and qualified engineers, etc. For detailed information about this fine wire drawing machine, please visit our website and contact us directly.