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High Speed Stranding Machine

High Speed Extruder Production Line (PLC)

Stranding machinery, also known as high speed stranding machine, can be subdivided into automatic tension type and manual tension pattern. With original design and advanced technology, this high speed stranding machine is the first choice for cable and tape series production. The copper wire threads through the stranding bow and combines the action of circulating motion and machine progressing. This makes single copper wire spirally wind together. After certain arrangement and stranding torque twisting, copper wires with different specifications and strands are stranded into conductors with larger diameters.
The control system of high speed stranding machine is constituted by PLC control, inverter control and pneumatic control. This stranding machinery features stable stranding torque with 2% error rate. Besides, two stranding torque changing modes are optional for clients. One is automatic stepless control; the other is step gear transformation type. The pay-off part is composed of passive, active and back-twist modes.

Technical Features
1. Maximum speed of spindle is 3000 rpm.
2. When automatic tension controls the stranded conductor, the take-up tension force needs to increase from the bottom of the disk to full disk. This high speed stranding machine can automatically track and adjust the take-up tension force and make it well-proportioned. What’s more, this stranding machinery can adjust the force without downtime.
3. The main engine adopts oil lubrication and natural circulating cooling so as to prolong the service life of main shaft bearing. This high speed stranding machine employs mew structure thread guide. The guide line directly threads through belt and this takes away the scratching and skipping strand phenomenon due to corner wheel failure of the aluminum tray.
4. This high speed stranding machine is equipped with three compact devices so as to guarantee the roundness of the stranded conductors and to lower the loss of insulating materials.
5. This stranding machinery is driven by synchronous belt. No lubricating stain is left inside the machine and this can keep the inner side clean. There is no greasy dirt on the stranded wires and cables. Therefore, this machine is suitable for stranding various wire conductors with higher requirement on the surface cleanness.
6. Only one dragging wheel needs to be replaced when adjusting the stranding torque. And users only need to pull the reverse lever when adjusting stranding direction. Thus, these simple and convenient operations bring down the operators’ error rate and working strength.
7. The box of this high speed stranding machine is composed of outer cover, base and rack.
8. High-precision technology, imported bearings, automatic oil lubrication and original air cooling system are utilized so as to assure the safety performance of speed regulation.
9. The belt of this stranding machinery is made use of high strength and light materials and in line threading mode is adopted, greatly enhancing the scope and quality of wire stranding.
10. This high speed stranding machine unit adopts PLC touch screen control and tension automatic tracking.

This high speed stranding machine is widely applicable for cabling and stranding various soft and hard wire conductors (e.g. copper wires, enameled wires, tinned wires, copper clad steed wires and copper clad aluminum, etc.) and electronic wires(power lines, telephone lines, audio cables, video lines, automotive wires and network cables and more).


Model BAOC-Ø 630 BAOC-Ø800 BAOC-Ø 1000 BAOC-Ø 1250
Spool Size Ø 400 mm-630 mm Ø 400 mm-500 mm-630 mm
Take-up Bobbin Size Ø 630 Ø 800 Ø 1000 Ø 1250
Applicable Wire Diameter 0.6 mm-3.0 mm 0.6 mm-5.0 mm 0.6 mm-5.0 mm 0.6 mm-5.0 mm
Max. Stranded Outer Diameter Ø 15 mm Ø 20 mm Ø 25 mm Ø 30 mm
Stranding Torque 20-200 mm Stepless Speed Regulation 30-300 mm Stepless Speed Regulation
Revolution Speed 700 rpm 550 rpm 500 rpm 450 rpm
Loading and Unloading Wire Coil Electric Hydraulic Lifting
Traverse Method Double Screw Reciprocate Winding
Take-up Tension Pneumatic
Stranding Direction S Z Direction Freely Selected

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high speed stranding machines in China. We are engaged in designing, developing, researching, manufacturing and selling fine line high speed extruder machines and single stranding machinery and other electric equipments. In addition, Baochuan has its own guideline for management—“Advanced Technology, Market-Oriented and Customer-Centric”. We are presenting a qualitative range of high speed stranding machines that are known for their sturdy construction, efficiency, optimum quality and cost effectiveness. Further, our range of this stranding machinery is fabricated according to the client’s requirements for the assurance of complete satisfaction. In addition, we can also customize these high speed stranding machines to meet specific requirements of our clients.

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