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Copper Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine

Copper Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine

Copper intermediate (medium) wire drawing machine is a sort of wire drawing machinery. This medium wire drawing machine is applicable for bare copper wire drawing. It consists of pay-off rack, wire drawing host machine, annealing machine, electrical control system, annealing control cabinet, tension controller, shaftless take-up machine and work station. This wire drawing machinery can draw copper wires with inlet wire from 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm and outlet wire from 0.4 mm to 1.2 mm (17D,17MD,17MDS), from 0.4 mm to 1.6 mm (17DS), from 0.8 mm to 2.6 mm (13D), and outlet wire from 1.0 mm to 2.6 mm (9D).

1. This copper intermediate wire drawing machinery is mainly applicable for drawing Φ3.0㎜ copper rod to annealed copper wire or semi hard copper wire as fine asΦ0.4㎜.
2. This medium wire drawing machine adopts four cone pulleys of four levels and a capstan. It is driven by electric motor and features easy operation.
3. The finished wires can be winded around wire coils.
4. The generator operation is stable and is equipped with various protective measures.
5. This wire drawing machinery is user-friendly. It features high automation, making it easy to use the machine unit. The unit adopts vector variable frequency drive, making it possible to reduce energy consumption.
6. This medium wire drawing machine can conduct long term running and is energy saving.
7. This copper wire drawing machinery is use-cost effective and economical with convenient maintenance.

1. This medium wire drawing machine adopts high precision transmission of helical gear.
2. Full submerged lubrication is available.
3. The cone pulleys are dealt with tungsten carbide.
4. Bobbin loading and unloading utilizes motor type.
5. This copper wire drawing machinery takes air pressure adjustment as its tension accommodation mode. 
6. Magnetic brake is taken as its brake mode.
7. The correction factor can be tested by PID displacement detection and automatic control of coiling.

Operation and Notes
Turn on the no-fuse switches of electrical control cabinet. And the cooling fan comes into operation. Turn the power supply control switch to “ON” so as to control the power. Now inch-movable threading and wire drawing process can be conducted. Step on the pedal switch and begin the inch-movable threading motion. After threading through part of the dies, lubricant switch should be open so as to evenly distribute lubricants onto cone pulleys and dies.

A. Use nipper pliers to clamp front end of copper wire and wind two laps, then snap the copper wire with great force so as to reduce the bolt section of copper wire.
B. Employ nipper pliers to nip the copper wire head and thread copper wires through the die carefully, then pull out the other end of copper wire from the die. Great attention should be paid to the positive and negative direction of the die when threading.
C. Threading and Wire Drawing Process
After the end of generatrix is drawn and snapped, the wire should be loosened when it is drawn seven to eight circles by the puller machine in the first die. Then the wire should be wound to the drawing capstan. Step on the inch-movable switch and draw and snap the wire and thread it into the second die. The rest can be done in the same manner.
The pull wires are finally coiled around iron shaft coiling through the leading wheel, branching wheel, buffer arm and flat cable wheel. Then these wires should be well bound. Close the folded plate and open the wire drawing oil valve.

Set the drawing speed and length according to production line diameter →Reset the meter length →Adjust the buffer arm to horizontal position and press “Start” button →Begin normal wire drawing
Adjust the width of winding displacement according to that of the bobbin and re-check whether the wire drawing oil valve is on or not, make sure that the wire drawing oil is sprayed right inside the wire drawing area.
When the wire is snapped, this wire drawing machinery will automatically brake with the red light on. Then operate this copper intermediate (medium) wire drawing machine according to the above statement.
When the shaft is full, this machine will automatically stop as well and replace the iron shaft with another one. After that, this wire drawing machinery starts coiling again.
If emergency situation occurs, press the red emergency stop button to stop machine operation.
Machine Halt
A. Lubrication oil cannot be switched off.
B. Press the stop button and the intermediate wire drawing machine will slow down and stop within 50 seconds. And the finished wire is continuous.
C. If clients want to reset the machine, just press the button for host starting.

After Sale Service
The warranty period of mechanical parts is one year and half a year for electrical equipments. Quick-wear parts are excluded.
Packaging: Thin Film
Transportation Mode: By Sea

Parameters of Wire Drawing Machinery

Control System Electrical Analog System
Power Control Dual Inverter Control
Outlet Dia. Ø 1.0 to Ø 2.6 Ø 0.8 to Ø 2.6 Ø 0.4 to Ø 1.2 Ø 0.4 to Ø 1.6 Ø 0.4 to Ø 1.2 Ø 0.4 to Ø 1.2
Inlet Dia. Ø 2.6 to Ø 3.5 Ø 2.5 to Ø 3.2 Ø 2.5 to Ø 3.2 Ø 2.5 to Ø 3.2 Ø 2.6 to Ø 3.2 Ø 2.6 to Ø 3.2
Max. Line Speed 1000 mpm/Max 1300 mpm/Max 1500 mpm/Max 2000 mpm\Max 1200 mpm/Max 1200 mpm/Max
Dies Number 9 13 17 17 17 17
Mechanical Reduction 19.6%+12.5% 19.6%+12.5% 15%+10% 20%+15% 18%+12.5% 15%+10%
Structure Iron Welded Structure Integrated Casting Mould
Capstan Ceramic or Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Wheel
Max. Capstan Dia. Ø 280 mm Ø 260 mm Ø 254 mm Ø 250 mm Ø 260 mm Ø 254 mm
Capstan Dia. Ø 280 mm Ø 260 mm Ø 252 mm Ø 250 mm Ø 260 mm Ø 252 mm
Spool Bobbin Size Ø 400 mm to Ø 630 mm
Main Motor Power 45 Kw 55 Kw 45 Kw 55 Kw 37 Kw 37 Kw
Spooling Motor Power 15 Kw 15 Kw 11 Kw 11 Kw 11 Kw 11 Kw
Mode of Transmission Gear Chain
Bearing Lubrication Enforced Oil Feed By Oil Pump Splashing Oil Bath Type
  Cylinder Swing Arm Type Buffer Rod
Lubrication of Wire Drawing Semi-Submerged Type and Spray Type Spray Type
Service Voltage 380V 50HZ
Lubricant Oil Capacity 120 liter/minute 100 liter/minute
Boundary Dimension 2440 × 715 × 1090 2440 × 715 × 1200 3500 × 1200 × 1250 2100 × 1022 × 995 5000 × 2500 × 2000 5000 × 2500 × 2000
Weight 4200 kg 4300 kg 4500 kg 5100 kg 3000 kg 3000 kg