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Medium Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

Medium Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

Medium copper rod breakdown machine is kind of slipping wire drawing machine mainly composed of main motor, in-line water tank wire drawing machine and plum blossom wire winding machine. It is applicable for drawing intermediate wires and fine wires from ferrous metals, non ferrous metals and metal alloys. This copper rod breakdown machine adopts isometric drum wheel of single-row draw type. This medium wire drawing machine employs multi-speed gear transmission. The gears make use of accurate grinding cylindrical spiral gears. And the bearings utilize assembly of tapered roller and ball bearing. Oil immersion type drawing and cooling lubrication is applied in this copper rod breakdown machine. And the drawing drums use inlaid structure. The rim surfaces are sprayed with tungsten carbide. Besides, the take-up machine is equipped with looping coil assembling apparatus and can conduct double disk continuous plum blossom take-up.  

Performance of Copper Rod Breakdown Machine
Transmission Model: Gear Type
Take-up Mode: Plum Blossom Wire Winding Machine
Speed Adjustment Mode: Frequency Control
Lubrication of Wire Drawing: Spray plus Half Immersion Type  
Bearing Lubrication Mode: Enforced Oil Feed by Oil Pump
Selected Equipment: Continuous Annealing Machine, Plum Blossom Wire Winding Machine, Ingle Disk Take-Up Machine and Biaxial Automatic Changing Shaft Coiler

After Sale Service: The warranty period of mechanical part is one year and half a year for electrical equipments.
Packaging: Thin Film
Mode of Transportation: Shipping

Parameters of Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

Machine Type BAOC400/9 BAOC400/13
Outlet Wire Diameter Ø 2.2 to Ø 3.5 mm Copper Wire Ø 4.50 to Ø 3.0 Aluminum Wire Ø 3.0 to Ø 1.4 mm Copper Wire Ø 4.7 to Ø 1.5 Aluminum Wire
Inlet Wire Diameter Ø 8.0 mm Copper Wire Ø 9.5 mm Aluminum Wire Ø 8.0 mm Copper Wire Ø 9.5 mm Aluminum Wire
Max. Line Speed 8 to 9 m/s 12 to 13 m/s
Mechanical Coefficient of Extension 1.2 to 1.37 1.2 to 1.35
Capstan Diameter Ø 400 mm
Cone Number 9N 13N
Main Motor Power AC135 Kw AC180 Kw
Spooling Motor Power AC15 Kw 6P AC18.5 Kw
Lubricant Oil Capacity 500 liter/minute 800 liter/minute
Boundary Dimension 5400 × 1450 × 1020 8700 × 1200 × 1200
Weight 6000 kg 6000 kg

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is specialized in wire drawing machines (e.g. copper rod breakdown machine, medium wire drawing machine for copper wires and others), take-up machines and annealing machines, etc. The wire drawing mill we provide is composed of swivel die holders, cone rings, lubricant cooling system and adjustable exit die holders. It is suitable for high-speed drawing. With different capstan diameters and spool sizes, these copper rod breakdown machines are multi-spindle and multi-die, which suit best with oil based lubricants. We also provide complete accessories and spares parts as well as custom designing to meet clients’ needs.