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Bare Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

Bare Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

As a sort of wire drawing mill, this bare copper rod breakdown machine is ideal equipment applicable for drawing steel wire materials, high, medium and low carbon steels, as well as copper, aluminum and alloy. It is widely adopted for drawing wires in the factories and nail, screw and rivet making factories, etc. 

1. This wire drawing mill adopts isometric wheel tandem structure and DC dual motor drive. It functions quick exchange of dies.
2. The transmission of helical gear is of high performance and precision, making this bare copper rod breakdown machine with high efficiency and low noise.
3. All the transmission gears and bearings are enforced with lubricants.
4. This wire drawing mill employs line wheel combined type design and adopts immersion type lubrication cooling so as to guarantee the drawing quality of materials.
5. Besides, this bare copper rod breakdown machine makes use of plum blossom type looping take-up or double disk take-up, which improves the automaticity and production efficiency of the complete machine.
6. SIEMENS DC governor system and digital communication control technology are taken as the electrical control mode.

This wire drawing mill is composed of wire drawing host, displacement detection buffering tension tower, shaftless take-up machine, operating floor and wire drawing electrical control cabinet.

Transmission Mode: Gear Drive
Lubrication of Wire Drawing: Full Immersion Lubrication
Bearing Lubrication Mode: Enforced Oil Feed by Oil Pump

This wire drawing mill is characterized by good quality, high efficiency, convenient and easy operation. It is arranged in line and can conduct continuous drawing. Besides, the mechanical speed is matched with electrical speed, making it possible for quick change of dies. In addition, this wire drawing mill can carry out non-stop automatic double disk exchange and take-up.

After Sale Service
The warranty period of mechanical part is one year and half a year for electrical equipments.
Packaging: Thin Film
Mode of Transportation: Shipping

Parameters of Wire Drawing Mill

Machine Type BAOC-9DL BAOC-13DL
Outlet Wire Diameter Ø 3.2 to Ø 2.2 Copper Wire Ø 4.5 to Ø 3.0 Aluminum Wire Ø 3.5 to Ø 1.2 Copper Wire Ø 4.7 to Ø 1.5 Aluminum Wire
Inlet Wire Diameter Ø 8.0 Copper Wire Ø 9.5 Aluminum Wire Ø 8.0 Copper Wire Ø 9.5 Aluminum Wire
Max. Line Speed 12 m/s 25 m/s
Max. Dies Number 9 13
Mechanical Coefficient of Extension 1.31 to 1.20 1.41 to 1.22
Capstan Diameter Ø 400 mm Ø 450 mm
Main Motor Power AC160 Kw DC280 Kw
Power of Traction Motor No DC45 Kw
Boundary Dimension 5400 × 1450 × 1020 8700 × 1200 × 1200
Weight 8000 kg 12000 kg

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of bare copper rod breakdown machine. And this machine is a sort of wire drawing mill. The whole process of incoming line, drawing, annealing and taking up, etc can be finished by only two operators. The continuous drawing and annealing production line we provide can process copper materials of different quality and is capable of adapting to current situation (e.g. complete kinds and specification, little working capital, tense supply, etc.) in electric wire and cable industry, especially for medium-sized and small enterprises. For detailed information about this wire drawing mill (bare copper rod breakdown machine), please visit our website and contact us directly.