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Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Drawing Machine(CCA)

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Drawing Machine(CCA)

Copper clad aluminum production line (CCA production line) combines the optimum properties of both metals and single composite materials. It is mostly suitable for most electric conductor applications. This wire drawing mill can process inner conductor of CATV coaxial cable, leak cable and micro coaxial cable, conductor of computer cable, LAN cable and others data cables, control cable and conductor of automotive cable. Besides, this copper clad aluminum production line can conduct fusing, building distribution wire and radio frequency shielding and strand wire and bus bar. And the processing method of CCA wire is similar to that of copper wire during cable manufacture. This wire drawing mill is used for special wire stocks drawing, like copper clad steel and copper clad aluminum wire drawing, etc. This copper clad aluminum production line can draw copper clad steel wire to single copper clad steel wire from 0.5-1.6 mm to 0.08-0.65 mm

Copper Clad Aluminium Conductor
1. Copper clad aluminum production line adopts advanced cladding welding manufacturing technology.
2. High quality copper wires are concentrically coated on the outer surface of the core wires like aluminum rods and steel wires conductor. And firm interatomic metallurgical bonding comes into being between the copper layer and core wire.
3. With the same treatment of drawing and annealing single wires, two different metallic materials can be combined into one integral whole. During the drawing process, the copper and aluminum will change their diameters in proportion. However, the volume ratio of copper layer will remain relatively constant.

Features of Copper Clad Aluminum Production Line
1. This production line adopts electrical analog control system.
2. This wire drawing mill takes dual inverter control as its power control.
3. It is characterized by standard structure, good-looking appearance and high efficiency.
4. Shaft type serves as its bobbin loading and unloading type.5.
5. This copper clad aluminum production line employs detection and automatic control of coiling as its correction factor.
4. And the tension control is of balance weight type.
5. The brake mode of this copper clad aluminum production line makes use of electromagnetic brake.

After-Sale Service
The warranty period of mechanical parts is one year and half a year for electrical equipments. Quick-wear parts are excluded.
Packaging: Thin Film
Transportation Mode: By Sea

Parameters of Copper Clad Aluminum Production Line

Outlet Wire Dia.   Ø 0.08-Ø 0.2 mm (CCS) Ø 0.25-Ø 0.5 mm (CCS) Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Ø 0.4-Ø 1.0 mm (CCS)
Ø 0.10-Ø 0.4 mm (CCA) Ø 0.10-Ø 0.6 mm (CCA) Ø 0.25-Ø 0.8 mm (CCA) Ø 0.12-Ø 0.4 mm Ø 0.45-Ø 1.6 mm (CCA)
Inlet Wire Dia.   Ø 1.0-Ø 0.5 mm (CCS) Ø 0.8-Ø 1.4 (CCS)   Ø 2.2-Ø 1.2 mm (CCS)
Ø 0.15- Ø 1.3 mm/max (CCA) Ø 1.2-Ø 2.05 m/max (CCA) Ø 1.0-Ø 2.05 mm/max (CCA) Ø 0.15- Ø 1.3 mm/max Ø 3.5 mm/max (CCA)
Max. Line Speed 2000 2000 1200 2400 1000
Mechanical Reduction 10.5%+6% 13%+8% 15%+8% 13%+10.5%+8% 15%+10%
Structure Integrated Casting Mould Iron Welded Processing
Drawing Capstan Spray-Type Ceramic Wire Drawing Capstan Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Capstan
Capstan Dia. Ø 194 Ø 194 Ø 316 Ø 180 Ø 260
Fix Speed Capstan Dia. Ø 159 Ø 159 Ø 268 Ø 256 Ø 252
Spool Bobbin Size Ø 300 mm/max Ø 630 mm/max
Main Motor Power 11 kW/15 Kw 11 kW/15 Kw 15 kW/18.5 Kw 5.5 Kw 30  kW/45 Kw
Spooling Motor Power 2.2 Kw/3.7 Kw 2.2 kW /3.7 Kw 5.5 Kw 2.2 Kw 11 Kw
Boundary Dimension 1900 × 1350 × 1750 2050 × 1600 × 1900 2600 × 1600 × 1900 2700 × 1620 × 2100 5000 × 2500 × 2000
Weight 1900 2500 2500 2800 4000

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