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Alloy Wire Drawing Machine

Alloy Wire Drawing Machine

Alloy wire drawing machine is mainly applicable for drawing pure nickel wires, stainless steel wires and nickel alloy wires. It is composed of a steel wire pay-off stand, steel preparation machines, combined drawing machine, coiler machine and control system, etc. This wire drawing machinery is equipped with electrical components of famous brands both from home and abroad, such as transducers from INOVBNDE, electric motor from Southern Anhui, low-voltage apparatus from SCHEIDER, and bearings from NSK, etc.

1. Alloy wire drawing machine can run with high drawing speed.
2. Wire drawing mill will not slide or twist.
3. It is under numerical control (NC).
4. In combination of blocks, this alloy wire drawing machine is built on modular structure, and does not require any special foundation.
5. With higher drawing speeds and twist-free operation, this wire drawing mill has better productivity.
6. Alloy wire drawing equipment features easy operation and faster threading.
7. High pressure narrow gap and internal water cooling are employed for high efficiency cooling of wire.
8. Alloy wire drawing machine has the features of high reliability and low downtime.
9. The finish wire (outlet wire) is of good quality due to a gentler handling of the wire during the drawing process (less wire deviations and low torsion,etc.) as well as an optimized wire cooling.

Alloy wire drawing equipment adopts iron plate welding annealing treatment structure and ceramic or tungsten carbide capstan. Its bobbin loading and unloading type adopts shaft type. It takes pulley gear motor (50-100 W) as its traverse method.  Electromagnetic brake is the braking mode of alloy wire drawing machine. And the bearing lubrication is oil free.
Package: Thin Film
Transportation Mode: By Sea


Outlet Wire Diameter Ø 0.32-Ø 0.08 mm Ø 0.25-Ø 0.07 mm Ø 0.1-Ø 0.05 mm Ø 0.25-Ø 0.5 mm Ø 0.02-Ø 0.07 mm
Inlet Wire Diameter Ø 1.2-Ø 0.6 mm Ø 1.2-Ø 0.4 mm Ø 0.45-Ø 0.15 mm Ø 0.6-Ø 1.2 mm Ø 0.1-Ø 0.3 mm
Max. Line Speed 11%+8% 13%+6% 10.5%+8% 13%+8% 10.5%+8%+6%
Final Slip Ratio 0%-2%
Capstan Diameter. (mm) Ø 160 mm Ø 194 mm Ø 194 mm Ø 316 mm Ø 120 mm
Fix Speed Capstan Diameter (mm) Ø 120 mm Ø 159 mm Ø 159 mm Ø 268 mm Ø 100 mm
Spool Bobbin Size O.D Ø 300 mm/max Taper Bobbin
Main Motor Power 11 Kw 15 Kw 7.5 Kw 15 Kw 3.7 Kw
Transmission Mode Toothed Belt Flat Belt
Correction Factor Displacement detection, automatic control winding Tension Taper Wheel Device +PLC
Detecting Device Weight Balance Swing Arm Type
Tension Control Weight Balance
Lubricant Oil Capacity 40 liter\minute 15 liter\minute
Boundary Dimension 1300 × 1800 × 2000 2600 × 1000 × 1650 1500 × 1300 × 1800 1400 × 1250 × 1800 1700 × 1000 × 1590
Weight 2500 kg 2000 kg 2000 kg 2000 kg 800 kg

Wuxi Baochuan Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a technical supplier of electrical equipments in China, such as alloy wire drawing machines, stranding machines, annealing machine and more. The drawing machine we provide is armed with drums in vertical axis without any incline. There is a constant length of wire on the drum, and the wire is transferred to the next die through fixed pulleys in the inclined plane. For detailed information about alloy wire drawing machine, please refer to our website, or contact us directly.

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